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Client Centric Financial Advisors

Client Centric Financial Advisors

Founder; Financial Advisor

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Do these statistics ring true for you?

  • 67% of women surveyed1 feel misunderstood by their advisor.
  • Women; the breadwinners in 40% of households with children2, are 58% less likely to be considered their financial advisor’s primary contact if they have a male partner.3
  • 70% of women seeking advisors would prefer to work with a woman,4 yet only 16% of advisors are women.5

If you can relate to one or more of these statistics then Client Centric Financial Advisors might be the financial advisor for you...

My name is Kelli Gargasz and as an Independent Financial Advisor I founded Client Centric Financial Advisors, LLC specifically to service those individuals represented in these statistics. Here at Client Centric Financial Advisors we provide our clients a personalized, one-on-one wealth management experience utilizing a plan based, consultative approach.

I spend quality time with each of my clients, getting to know them and their loved ones by asking questions and discussing their personal financial needs, concerns, hopes and expectations both current and future. Once I have a thorough understanding of their unique needs, personal circumstances and what it is they expect from a financial advisor, we start sketching out an individualized financial action plan that includes identifiable targets and client-defined goals. This financial blueprint will then be referenced during each client meeting and adjusted as often as is  required providing us a hand drawn map that, if followed, will guide us towards the destination the client has defined as financial success. 

If you are searching for a financial partnership like I describe herein, please reach out! I would love the opportunity to meet with you and start a conversation. 

Until then, all my best...


Kelli Gargasz,
Founder & Financial Advisor
Client Centric Financial Advisors, LLC
(614) 869-3001 Office Direct
(614) 205-9398 Cell

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